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Applying as an International Student to the University of Mississippi


Thank you for your interest in exploring the University of Mississippi for your academic studies! We encourage you to learn all you can about the University of Mississippi. Use the navigation options on the left tab to learn more about academic programs and research opportunities, campus life, the city of Oxford and the surrounding area.

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Once you are ready to submit your application for admission, please choose the appropriate link(s) below or on the navigation menu on the left to access the application forms and other relevant information. All forms are also available on our forms page.

Applications for Admission to:

Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor's studies)

    Please apply online at: Undergraduate Online Application

    • You will first be asked to create a password protected application account.
    • If you are interested in the academic programs offered by the  Croft Institute for InternationalStudies, the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honor’s College or  the Lott Leadership Institute, please remember to complete the supplemental application forms. (See below)
    • If you need assistance, please contact the Office of International Programs at

Graduate Studies (Master's and Doctoral studies)

    Please apply online at: Graduate Online Application

    • Note that applications for Master’s and Doctoral programs (with the exception of Law) are the same and are referred to as the Graduate Admissions Online Application at the link above.
    • To apply for admission to the Law School, please refer to the Law School Admissions website.
    • If you need assistance, please contact the Office of International Programs at

Applicants for the Croft Institute for International Studies, Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honor's College, or Lott Leadership Institute must also submit a Supplemental Application Form.

International students interested in applying to these programs should visit the following websites to learn more about each program and the additional admissions requirements:

You may also be interested in:

Intensive English Program (IEP)

    The English as a Second Language Program at The University of Mississippi offers a comprehensive, skills-oriented ESL curriculum designed for students intending to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in the United States. The program’s four courses are also suitable for those seeking to learn English for professional or personal reasons. The program’s high standards encourage student to achieve excellence.

    Intensive English Program (IEP) Application

Special Pre-College, Summer and Other Outreach Programs

    Through the International Summer School (ISS) or other outreach programs, international students can take full advantage of all courses offered to UM students by enrolling in up to 6 hours of credit in each term. The courses range from introduction topics to graduate-level lectures and theory classes and are offered in every field from liberal arts to business to engineering to accountancy and more.

    Outreach Programs

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

    While at the University of Mississippi you will be given support from the Study Abroad Office, the Office of International Programs, and by the various academic and student services departments. As a visiting student you may enroll in a variety of academic courses from different departments, live on or off campus and engage in numerous student organizations and campus activities while earning credits toward your degree back home.

    Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

We hope that all of our information is helpful and clear to you. Feel free to contact our OIP International Admissions Services at the Office of International Programs should you have any questions or concerns about the application or admissions processes at The University of Mississippi. We are here to assist you!